Wine Tourism & Tasting at home

Wine tourism experiences to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Here at Wine Pleasures, there’s one question we get asked more than any other: With lockdown restrictions, what’s the best way to learn about wine at home? While we’re certainly not able to travel to discover the many grape escape destinations around the world, believe it or not, one of the best ways to learn about a grape escape destination and wine is from the comfort of your own home through a fun and educational activity called Wine Tourism at Home.

Wine Tourism at home is the best way for you, along with your family or friends, to uncork a themed fun and educational wine tourism experience.

How wine tourism at home works

  1. Select your wine tourism experience from one of the following:
  • Discover Spain’s Penedès Cava region
  • Nose out bold red wine regions of Spain
  • Summer whites in Spain’s Catalonia wine regions
  1. Themed wine tourism experience box delivered to your door. Each wine tourism experience box includes a selection of 3 contrasting wines (varietals, ageing, terroir….), a technical data sheet for each wine, a branded cork screw or pressure cap and a copy of the book 50 Great Cavas.
  2. Now comes the best bit. As soon as you receive your delivery, one of our team of qualified sommeliers will be in touch to arrange a date and time to give you a 45 min guided tour and tasting of each winery and wine included in your box.
  3. Get ready for your journey and tasting. Plug your computer into the big screen, set the table with a white cloth, ideally put out 3 glasses for each person (in order to contrast colour, aromas and taste), have your mobile phone ready for photos and note taking.
  4. Our wine tour guide and qualified sommelier will join you virtually in your home and add to your wine connoisseur’s knowledge by guiding you around each wine region and winery and provide you with the perfect at home tasting.
  5. Finish the wine tourism experience with a meal or tapas. After such a fun experience of discovery and palate stimulation, everyone’s bound to be hungry. Put all the bottles on the table, enjoy your favourite and chat about your Wine Pleasures experience.

Choose your experience

Discover Spain’s Penedès Cava region

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Nose out bold red wine regions of Spain

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Summer whites in Spain’s Catalonia wine regions

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Find out More – questions and answers

What happens after I make payment?

A Wine Pleasures team partner will get back to you within 2 working days after you’ve made payment. They’ll confirm when your wine tourism experience box will be delivered and the date and time you would like one of our wine tourism guides and qualified sommelier to host your wine tourism experience

What wines are included in the tasting?

Each tasting includes 3 wines. All wines are chosen by our expert sommeliers so that you get 3 well defined differences in terms of wine tourism and tasting

Will the experience be educational or social?

Both. Your guide will tell you a few stories about each winery, show you a few photos, provide links to videos and guide you actively through the tasting of each wine looking at colour, aromas and taste.

How long will the wine tourism experience last?

The experience lasts around 45 mins. This allows for a gentle pace and for you to ask any questions that you may have.

Do nibbles come with the experiences?

No, but we will recommend you to get specific nibbles if required prior to the wine tourism experience

What qualifications do the guides have?

All of our wine tourism experience guides are qualified sommeliers and/or hold WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Level 2 qualified as a minimum.

Are wine tourism experiences from home available worldwide?

We are able to ship your wine tourism experience box to EU countries only.

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