Wine Pleasures B2B Workshops

COVID-19 has definitely had an immense impact on our industry and looks set to continue for some time to come. With hundreds of cancelled events, active wine importers and wine producers have to work out a way to make contact, taste wines and get down to discussing business. Enter Wine Pleasures B2B Workshops Online.

How does it work?

Wine Pleasures B2B Workshops are online events for wine producers to meet with wine importers, distributors and the on and off trade looking to source new wines. The programme consists of an online B2B meetings meeting tool “My Wine Pleasures” which enables you to schedule meetings with wine producers actively looking to export their wines. With the absence of In person trade events the Wine Pleasures B2B Workshop puts you quickly in contact with wine producers with current interest in export.

Programme B2B 2021

Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 April 2021 – Asia
Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15 April 2021 – 
The Americas
Tuesday 20 – Thursday 22 April 2021 – Europe

  • Wine producers are provided with a list of wine importers – distributors who are interested in holding a meeting.
  • Wine producers also receive a list of registered importers so that they too can select certain buyers to meet with.
  • Both parties receive a meeting schedule on two days in advance of the event start date

Registation procedure

Buyers interested in attending according to where they are located in the world should complete the application form below. If your application is approved you will be sent a confirmation email to this effect.

Wine Pleasures B2B Workshop Buyer Application Form

  • Please make sure you put https:// before the web site address otherwise the form will not send.
  • For internal use only. Please provide a cell phone number connected with W/App
  • For internal use only
  • If you don't need one for your country just put NOT NEEDED.
  • Please specify approx amount in Euros
    Please tick all that apply
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  • Please specify number of palets
  • WineryCountry 
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    1. GENERAL By completing and submitting the Buyer Application form, the Buyer understands that their registration must be confirmed, in writing by Wine Events Worldwide, before participation is allowed. 2. PARTICIPATION The Buyer understands that they are required to accept at least 6 appointments. The buyer agrees to have secured the maximum 8 appointments prior to the event taking place. 3. CONCLUDING PROVISION Should a Buyer fail to schedule at least 6 meetings in advance of the event then Wine Events Worldwide will proceed to cancel the buyer's participation by removing the company profile from the online meeting scheduling programme.