Los Pinos 0% (organic wine) Sulphite free!


Have you got wine consumers concerened about healthier eating and drinking? Sulphite free wines have got to appeal! At the Wine Pleasures International Organic Workshop we are fortunate to have 3 wineries (to date) producing suphite free wines – Los Pinos (Spain), Perlage (Italy) and VINTESA (Italy).

Here’s some info on the Los Pinos 0%:

Grapes selected in the vineyard FINCA EL ALTO. Elaborated WITHOUT SULPHITES and with autocton yeast. Varieties: Garnacha, Monastrell y Syrah. Tasting notes: Complex, spice and intense nose which remains eucalyptus, strawberry jam and cherry.

Los Pinos 0% is elaborated with all the indigenous yeasts of our vineyard since there are no sulphites added that could eliminate them. Hand harvested in cases of 15kg to avoid oxidation. Produced with grapes selected for their phenolic potential and low pH, which confers natural resistance so that the wine can evolve in the bottle.

sainsburysNot sure how the export works for such wines but then you can apparently find a sulphite free  wine on the shelves of Sainsburys from mid – March all the way from South Africa and at an astonishing retail price of 4.99 GBP! Sulphite free organic wine for under 5.00 GBP – How do they do it? Presumably, sulphite free wine is not available to buy in bulk quantities? Also they would have to sell it very quickly, wouldn’t they?